5 reasons to use Podoexpert Cracked and Dry Skin Foam

5 reasons to use Podoexpert Cracked and Dry Skin Foam

Elite Foot Care chooses to supply our clients and customers with the best foot care products on the market. We have aligned with PodoExpert (formerly Alpressan) products for three years, and today, we will dive into how and why your feet can benefit from the Cracked and Dry Skin Foam.

Naturally, clients with skin issues are skeptical of a new “lotion or potion”. Why? Everyone wants to sell a solution that anecdotally worked for a “friend of a friend.” Inevitably, these
products fail for you more than they will succeed, and for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, because anecdotal solutions sell well. People think “this worked for John, so it’ll work for me.” Not so! You are not John, so John’s solution likely won’t work for you. Secondly, a lack of proper assessment leads individuals to purchase products that are not suitable for their particular conditions. Clients can save a lot of time and money by receiving an assessment, treatment, and
possible referral to appropriate medical professionals and proper products. Here are five reasons why you should consider PodoExpert Cracked and Dry Skin Foam for your

1. Clients with chronically dry skin and deep, painful cracks will find relief with this product. The BarrioExpert® LIPO2Technology uses skin-equivalent lipids to form a
barrier so the skin can repair itself. It also acts as “gortex” for your skin, forming an invisible, breathable, protective mesh to keep out germs, dirt and allergens…all while
letting the skin breathe and sweat normally. Your feet will feel soft and protected.

2. Another incredible feature of the Cracked to Dry Skin foam is that it is nongreasy and nonslippery on skin. You don’t need to wait for it to soak in before putting your socks
on or climbing into bed.

3. Because this foam is fast-absorbing, it is suitable for use by diabetics and can be used between the toes. We have been using this foam on many diabetic clients over the last
three years with great success.

4. With many clients and their families experiencing scent sensitivities or allergies, PodoExpert Cracked and Dry Skin Foam is fragrance-free. No perfumes, oils, or scents
will detract from the quality.

5. PodoExpert is cost-effective. On average, one can last 60-90 days, depending on client needs and recommended usage from your Foot Nurse. You need approximately 1-
3cm of foam per foot.

Elite Foot Care is proud to be associated with the PodoExpert brand because, simply put, THEY WORK. They consistently exceed client and practitioner expectations because they are
scientifically tested, trialed, and backed by foot professionals worldwide.

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