Corns and Calluses-Is There A Cure?

Corns and Calluses-Is There A Cure?

Throughout my practice as a foot care nurse, I have seen many clients, most between the ages of 35-50, book appointments for corn and callus removal. Many have been suffering foot pain for a very long time. Some have had their corns misdiagnosed as warts!

Today we will discuss what corns and calluses are, what causes them, and we will discuss treatment solutions.


Calluses are areas of thickened skin cells, designed to protect the body from harm. A callus is the body’s response to protect the skin from breakdown, cuts, or abrasions. For instance, powerlifters and bodybuilders always develop calluses on their hands. These are caused by lifting a variety of weight, usually very heavy Olympic bars or dumbbells, on a regular basis. Likewise, calluses form on our feet as a result of how we walk, friction in our shoes, or over bony prominences to protect our feet. Calluses can also add cushion to body areas.

Over time, as your feet are under constant stress, calluses can build up to an unhealthy thickness which may cause your shoes to fit improperly, alter your gait, or cause you pain or discomfort. Fortunately, calluses can be easily managed once they are brought under control.


Corns are simply localized calluses. They are round, hard areas on your foot that have been under focal pressure for a prolonged period of time. Corn is incredibly painful because the pressure shoots right up the nerve endings in the foot. Ouch! Some people have corns with minimal issues, while others are unable to walk under the crippling pain. If you are experiencing such pain and discomfort, contact your foot care nurse immediately. (link to book appointment form). A professional and qualified foot care nurse will likely be able to remove your corns in one visit.


Corns and calluses should not be removed on your own. Do not be tempted to dig into your feet with implements like scissors or kitchen knives. It’s vital that these conditions are properly assessed and brought under control by a trained professional. If you have troublesome corn and cannot see your foot care nurse for several days, you can purchase corn pads from your local pharmacy. These are small, oval-shaped pads with a small hole in the center. They have an adhesive on one side, and a soft foam cushion on the other. You can apply these corn pads to the affected area, with the corn in the center. This will relieve the pressure on the area, giving you a much-needed reprieve until your appointment. Once removed, you will be more comfortable and pain-free. Calluses will always return but are simple to manage once your foot care nurse gives you the go-ahead. Corns may or may not reappear, depending on a number of factors. Keep your feet clean, dry, and moisturized and make sure to notify your foot care nurse if they return.