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Trinity Home Medical

Trinity offers a wide range of medical supplies and professional services including compression stocking fittings, orthopedic shoe fittings and equipment installation.

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Trinity Home Medical

We promise to take care of your feet… and we delivered

What our clients are saying

  • Amazing service! She was wonderful with my elderly mother-in-law and we're looking forward to our next appointment! THANK YOU!!
    Karen Mc
  • Very pleased with my foot care treatment. It’s 3 weeks since then and I can see a difference. Thank you Elite Foot Care
    Cory M.
  • Outstanding Foot care from a Highly Experinced Lady with Vast knowledge !! I learned so Many Tips on how to take proper care for my Feet and make little changes to improve every day life , Keep up the Great Work !!!!
    Deiric O B.
  • My husband has been raving about how great his feet are after hus appointment. My brother is amazed at how great his feet are feeling. I highly recommend Christina, she provides excellent footcare and education on how to care for your feet.
    Dhool G.
  • Professional and very knowledgeable! I know more about my feet amd now to take care of them to help problems arising. A real treat as it's getting harder for me to reach my feet with my growing pregnant belly. Thank you!!
    Claire P.
  • Thank you to Christina for taking care of my feet! It feels great to walk pain-free again. Christina was thorough, professional, gentle - and I love that she came to my home. She also gave me great tips for self-care. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who has foot issues that they've been avoiding. It's worth it!
    Linda V.
  • I have MS and I also work 12 hour shifts at a busy hospital so it’s very important to me to take good care of my feet. Christina provides comprehensive, individualized foot care that I would highly recommend to anyone!
    Leah M.
  • Christina is very personable and totally made me feel ok about my foot issue. she's very knowledgeable and professional. I will continue to see her until I don't need to anymore.
    Nicole B.
  • Elite Foot Care has been an exceptional find. Christina is very prompt, efficient, caring & capable when working with her clients. Anyone looking for ongoing foot care should absolutely check out Elite Foot Care.
    Patricia T.
  • My feet feel better every time she comes, so professional and home service, how can it get any better!
    Cori B.