Why You Should Get Pedicures From A Foot Care Nurse Rather Than A Day Spa

Why You Should Get Pedicures From A Foot Care Nurse Rather Than A Day Spa

One week, two weeks, or maybe four weeks is the time it takes for your feet to feel dry, your toenails to feel brittle, or maybe just until your feet aren’t looking as good as when you got your last pedicure at the spa. Once realizing this, your first thought is probably to book an appointment with your local salon to get a pedicure, but did you know that long-term, getting your pedicures at a day spa might not be worth it? Find out why foot care nurses how should an ectomorph approach body building can offer more than your local day spa the next time you are looking for a pedicure.


Not all day spas are created equally. Some go above and beyond to uphold a high standard of hygiene, some simply don’t. In addition to unclean water or unsanitized hands (at a time like this?!), a lot of spas reuse nail polish brushes on multiple clients. That means if one of those clients had foot fungus, you could be the next unsuspecting person to catch it. When you choose a foot care nurse like at Elite Foot Care, we use sterilized dishes and one-time use products in order to keep our clients safe and healthy.

A More Detailed Level Of Care

Of course, pedicures are a great way to take care of your feet, pamper yourself and make yourself feel more relaxed. They even boost your feet’s appearance and help your confidence. But they are only skin deep, and have superficial benefits that only apply to aesthetics. But they do not actually treat any underlying medical problems or conditions. From a foot care nurse, you will receive care from somebody who can analyze your feet and step in with long-term care solutions that can get you into better shape. They can use things like laser therapy in order to correct problems that are more than an aesthetician can handle.

Choosing The Right Products For You

The experts at Elite Foot Care are also able to recommend and tailor products for your feet so that they are able to become healthier with time. They are also educated on how to spot symptoms and problems early on of what could potentially be long-term podiatric issues and address them in advance before they cause more damage down the line.


When you get a pedicure at the salon, once it is over, you will put your shoes back on and head out the door. But what if your shoes are causing you problems? When you choose a foot care nurse, they will be able to take a look at your footwear and determine the benefits or damages it has on your feet long-term. They are able to recommend orthopedic shoes or sandals that can help you alleviate pain in your feet and also the rest of your body. Problems in the rest of your body can originate in the feet, after all.   While going to day spas are okay in order to address aesthetic problems, foot care nurses can offer you a more professional, medical, hygienic, and long-term solution to one of the most important parts of your body: your feet. Contact Elite Foot Care today to book an appointment or speak with us over the phone if you have any questions.  

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