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Are you affiliated or part of the management team of long term care facility or retirement home? Special rates apply for these bookings. Please enquire at info@elitefootcare.ca


Frequently Asked Questions

Not at this time. Our nurses are currently full mobile and care for clients in different areas of the city on different days. Once our foot care clinic opens, online booking will be available for that location. Stay tuned!

Our In-Home foot care appointments are currently starting at $70 treatment. Travel time, KM, and parking fees may be applicable.

Each appointment lasts approximately one hour.

Yes, we provide electronic receipts that will be send to your email. If you require a paper receipt, please request one prior to your foot care appointment.

We accept cash, etransfer, cheque, and all major credit cards.

This varies from 20%-100%, depending on your insurance plan. Please contact your insurance provider for more information.

On average, we recommend an appointment every 6-8 weeks. If you or your loved one are high risk (such as foot ulcers or neuropathy), we recommend every 4 weeks until the risk is mitigated.

We use surgical grade medical tools that are classified as critical medical instruments. These tools have the potential to come in contact with sterile tissues, and are sanitized and sterilized between use following Alberta Health Services Guidelines.

Absolutely! We do not use chemicals in our foot treatments. Some of our clients may require treatment for infection or nail fungus, but this is assessed on a case by case basis and will be discussed with each client, individually, at the time of their assessment.

No, we do not soak feet prior to treatment. Due to the prevalence of foot and nail fungus and infection control protocols, soaking feet is contraindicated. Soaking of feet can cause nails to split, crack, or bleed when trimmed and can introduce infection to any immunocompromised clients. We do not soak feet to maintain the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

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