Why Do I Have Swollen Feet? Causes and Treatments

Why Do I Have Swollen Feet? Causes and Treatments

Are you not fitting into your shoes anymore and wondering why? Swollen feet can occur for everyone every once in a while, in varying degrees and for different reasons. Maybe you are on your feet for a long time, or it could be because of another ailment. Whatever the cause, the best remedy is rest. Care Tips Reviews: Bodybuilding 101: The Total Body Workout what does proviron do the skinny on bodybuilding supplements: is pre workout supplementation necessary? A common cause of swollen feet is standing for long periods of time or after long periods of exercise. This is because when you are on your feet, gravity works to pull blood towards them, causing degrees of pooling, which can lead to swelling. The medical term is known as edema, and the main cause is small blood vessels leaking fluid out to nearby tissue.

Causes of Swollen Feet

Other than standing up, there are other causes attributed to swelling in the feet. If your feet are swelling and you want to know why, watch out for any of these causes:


Swelling feet are a common symptom of late pregnancy. This is normal and is caused by fluid retention and increased pressure in the veins. However, pregnant women should be wary of excessive swelling as it can be a sign of preeclampsia.

Foot or Ankle Injuries

Any injuries that occur to your foot or ankle can cause swelling, most commonly a sprained ankle. Sprained ankles happen when you accidentally misstep, causing your ankle ligaments to be stretched beyond their natural limit. To reduce swelling, make sure you stay off that ankle, take lots of rest, use ice packs and compression bandages.


If you live a sedentary life involving little to no activity, then this allows excess fluid to build in your feet, causing swelling. To prevent this, make sure to get at least 10 to 15 minutes of walking or exercising per day.

Wearing Shoes that Don’t Fit

If you wear shoes that don’t fit you properly (i.e. they are too tight), this can put excess pressure on your feet and cut circulation off to the area. The pressure can cause excess fluid to pool in your legs, causing swelling. You can address this by getting shoes that fit you properly.

Hot Weather

In the hotter months, searches about swollen feet spike on Google. This is because, during hot weather, feet can swell because your veins expand when trying to cool the body down. This process then contributes to fluid leaks into the nearby tissues. This fluid can also expand into the ankles and feet, causing swelling there. You can help prevent this by drinking lots of water and wearing comfortable shoes that allow for ventilation.


Our bodies retain more moisture when we drink alcohol and this can cause swelling. If your feet are always swelling when you are drinking, this could be an indication that you are drinking too much or too often. This can also be a sign of kidney problems. You can help yourself by elevating your feet, drinking plenty of water and reducing salt intake. Soaking your feet in cold water can also help.

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